Back Pain & Sciatica

Back Pain Osteopath Ashford

LOW BACK PAIN is a very common symptom, frequently responding well to osteopathic treatment. There are many types of back pain, sometimes given names like SLIPPED DISC, but probably the commonest type I see is an injury to one of the small joints in the spine. Although it is very painful, it is often quickly resolved. There can be other causes of back pain, and you may rely on a detailed history and thorough examination being performed to come to an accurate diagnosis and, where appropriate, effective treatment.

SCIATICA, sometimes called TRAPPED NERVE, is a general term to describe pain experienced in the leg. This is a frequent cause of visits to my practice. Although it is felt in the leg, the pain can arise in a number of sites. These may include the hip joint, the low back or the abdomen. Diagnosis is important, especially if the pain extends to the foot or if it is frequently accompanied by numbness or tingling. Although these cases may be more complicated than simple low back pain, the response to treatment is often good, with patients returning to normal activity.

Any information given is general and should not be taken as advice nor should it contradict advice from a qualified healthcare professional.