Neck and Shoulder Pain

Osteopath For Shoulder Pain Ashford

NECK PAIN and SHOULDER PAIN. Joint injuries in the neck can also lead to pins and needles or numbness in the arm or hand, sometimes called TRAPPED NERVE. This often responds well to gentle osteopathic treatment.

FROZEN SHOULDER is a painful condition in which shoulder movement is restricted. In some cases simple exercises will help, in others the complex nature of the shoulder (actually comprising three joints) will need to be carefully investigated so that the correct balance of function between neck, ribs and arm can be restored.

The underlying cause of some TENNIS ELBOW pain can be neck problems causing REFERRED PAIN to the elbow, so this needs to be considered when treating the elbow joint itself.

Problems in the joints and muscles of the neck are a common source of HEADACHE, perhaps the type I see most often being the tight band around the temples or over the eyes. Jaw pain, TMJ PAIN or SINUS problems can also lead to headaches that are amenable to osteopathic treatment, so again a careful assessment will always be the basis for a successful treatment.

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