Osteopathic Treatment Ashford

Osteopathy is a manual therapy using various types of manipulation to affect the health and harmony of the whole person. The form of manipulation in which I have specialised for more than 35 years, often known as Cranial Osteopathy, is very gentle and subtle. It is accurately targeted and works with the body’s own systems, allowing it to be a powerful tool in treating a surprisingly wide range of conditions.

The term Cranial Osteopathy can be misleading, with some people imagining that it is only used to treat the head. In fact, a Cranial Osteopath treats all parts of the body, including all the joints, back pain, and even internal organs. Cranial Osteopathy is also applicable to all age groups, not just the treatment of babies for which it has become well known. The treatment is so gentle that babies may sleep through their cranial treatment, yet so effective that the benefits are often quickly seen.

The gentleness of the system, which makes it so well suited to treating babies is welcomed by a range of other patients. Adults in acute pain, for example, find Cranial Osteopathic treatment comfortable and easily tolerated. Older or more nervous patients may find the typically slow, gentle movements used in cranial treatment suits them well.

It is important to note that it is the person, not the condition, that is treated. You will find a list of conditions that may benefit from Osteopathic treatment on this site, but it is a list of possible examples. How osteopathy can help you, is unique to you.