What to Expect

What to expect during an osteopathic treatment

WHAT TO EXPECT. The practice is peaceful, warm and private, with easy level access and free parking about 20m away. There is a waiting room with toilet, but a long wait is unusual. There are toys and books provided for younger patients.

The first part of the examination is the history, when you will be encouraged to tell the story of your complaint in detail, as well as give an overview of your general medical history. The history may include questions about when and how symptoms present, what can change the symptoms, what medication you are taking, and so on.

You may then be invited to undress, typically to your underwear, using the changing room provided. This allows a full assessment of posture and movement, joint function and any special tests, such as neurological examination to be performed. A diagnosis will usually be arrived at over the course of the first visit, and treatment given. Treatment, although very effective, is gentle, with many of the babies I treat sleeping through it. The treatment consists of gentle manual therapy. I use only my hands, no machines or potions, and I will not sell you any gadgets.

The first visit lasts about an hour, subsequent treatment about half an hour, and takes place with the patients lying face up on a comfortable treatment table. Children will often sit on mum’s lap and play during treatment.

You will never be asked to pay in advance or book a course of treatment ahead. The probable outcome of treatment will be explained to you, and if I don’t think that I can help you, I will tell you so and try to direct you to appropriate treatment if I can. You may be accompanied if this adds to your comfort. The whole process is based on discourse and respect. A covering during treatment is provided for those who prefer it.