In order to improve patient safety I have made some changes to how I practice. The time of your appointment may not be what you’ve been used to, this is so that patients will no longer be consecutive, no one will use the waiting room, & I will have time to disinfect all surfaces between patients. The treatment table cover is now disposable & wipe able. The practice is open on Tuesday & Friday to allow the longest empty time between patients, & ventilation has been increased.

I am only seeing patients who have no symptoms, have had no contact with symptoms & who will wear a “mask” for treatment. I’m wearing a face shield, using high alcohol skin cleaner, & take great care when not at work to avoid contagion. I will take my own temperature twice daily & the temperature of every patient on arrival using a contactless thermometer. I am asking patients to attend their appointment alone if possible.

I am still accepting all the usual payment methods, but have added contactless.

If you have any questions, or suggestions for further safety improvements, please email me.